Well sh*t….

Well shit…. I woke up early (not by choice, but by the brain) and to get ready to head out to my Therapist appointment.  Normally I am already up because I head from work to these appointments but since I have two days off and didn’t want to reschedule, I got up and got ready to head out.

As I am sitting on the bus to head out, I get an email from my therapist stating that she’s not feeling well and we have to reschedule.  Well… shit… I guess all of these pent up thoughts, feelings, and emotions are going to have to wait until next week? Right.. because my mental breakdown on Saturday… will have to wait until next week to dig into. guess… Normally I’m ok with rescheduling, as often times I psych myself out of these appointments, However, I really needed this one. I really needed to dig deep and figure out what the hell is wrong with my head.

I guess that’s why I am here right now, writing this post. I’m relatively home alone and it’s too damn early to play my guitar… ( brother sleeping)

Well, now I have to fill up my day with stuff, other than cleaning…. ugh…


Later Days


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